Emotionology and the Whelan Recording Technique

I’ve been acting and directing for over forty years, and I’ve never found anything as easy and effective, or as much fun to work with as The MOSAIC ACTING SYSTEM.  It is the only acting system in the world that takes advantage of the fantastic advances made in general education through the application of a Learning Styles paradigm. I’ve taught and trained instructors in London, Toronto, and cities in the USA, as well as presenting Mosaic Acting to schools and teachers from middle-school to the University level, including the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The Whelan Recording Technique is the perfect Whole Brain teaching/learning technique. Character, relationship, emotional base and line memorization are achieved with ease and speed never before experienced.

Charlie Holliday, President and Director of Education for MOSAIC ACTING.


The MOSAIC ACTING SYSTEM has two pillars, which are described as follows:


While emotions are the very core of the actors art, there has never been a program until EMOTIONOLOGY that provided the tools for actors to study them in an objective and systematic fashion.  Emotions are to actors what colors are to painters.  Most actors can name about ten emotions; the MOSAIC ACTING book gives dictionary definitions of nine hundred!  The 86 page workbook that is part of the MOSAIC ACTING SYSTEM allows the actor to take those internal abstract emotions and turn them into something exernal and concrete that can then be understood and applied on a much deeper level.


Imagine starting the FIRST REHEARSAL with no script in hand and being 100% true to the script.  When the actor doesn't have to struggle  to remember the lines it allows the artist to soar creatively and to experience the character on an entirely different level.  Through the many different exercises that are part of the Whelan Recording Technique, relationship, movement, and understanding of the character and script come together with and ease and speed never before experienced.  Each exercise  allows the actor and director to explore a different aspect of each character, adding a new color to the mosaic that is finally presented to the audience.  The concept and appliation is amazingly simple; the results amazingly complex.  It's also a ton of fun!

Although the MOSAIC ACTING SYSTEM book is designed as a self-teaching manual, the best way to learn the MOSAIC ACTING SYSTEM is to experience it through a workshop.  If you would like to have a workshop in your area or perhaps train to become a certified MOSAIC ACTING instructor, please contact us.