Mission Statement


The purpose of the MOSAIC ACTING HOME PAGE is to foster the evolution of the art and craft of acting; to lead it into a whole new and more creative direction. To provide actors and those with a real concern for acting with the tools/techniques necessary to take acting up the next step of the evolutionary ladder. To advance it from an Ego based old school system into a much more interesting and stimulating Empathy based MOSAIC ACTING approach.

The two major aspects of MOSAIC ACTING are firstly, a unified, organic integration of character from the first rehearsal, achieved through the use of an astoundingly effective new training and rehearsal technique called The WHELAN RECORDING TECHNIQUE, which you can download from here. The second is the equally astounding recognition that we as actors/artists have never focused our studies on the primary tool of our trade, the emotions, and the way to remedy that severe lapse in our training. MOSAIC ACTING presents a technique and many exercises to expand our actors emotional vocabularies and increase our emotional mobility and emotional clarity through Emotionology, the study of emotions, which you can download from here.

I have spent more than forty years discovering and developing these tools. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have written six books on the subject. I would not have done that if I could put it forth in a paragraph or two, so in order to understand fully, what I am doing and why, you will have to get them from your library, borrow them from a friend, or buy them. I firmly believe, if you down load those chapters available here and experiment with the techniques and think about the ideas, you will want to know more about MOSAIC ACTING.

You can examine sample chapters by following the appropriate links to, INSTANT ACTING (1994) or my first book, THE ABC'S OF ACTING.(1990), MOSAIC ACTING-TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL (1996), & MOSAIC ACTING II – A PRACTICAL MANUAL (1998), & MOSAIC ACTING (2004) are also represented on this page. This page is still under construction so some new links may not be available. All the links to the book MOSAIC ACTING are available and, really, with those files in your possession, you can experience the thrill and excitement of the heightened creative acting experience that comes from using these Mosaic Acting tools.

Although some of these ideas are subtle, they are not complicated, however, occasionally someone has a problem understanding exactly what I'm doing and why. I am available, through e-mail, to answer those questions. If you take this challenge, you're in for a fantastically exhilarating creative experience, enjoy.