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" ... it is the task of our generation to banish from art outmoded tradition and routine and to give more scope to fantasy and creation. That is the only way to save art."

- Constantine Stanislavski,
June 1897

"It is now 108 years later and time to do it again, it is our geration that has that job now and it is Stanislavski himself that we must now let rest in peace. He did his job brilliantly, but he did ride a horse to work at the Moscow Art Theatre."

- Jeremy Whelan


What Is Mosaic Acting?

The world is going through its greatest change since the beginning of recorded history, which of course means acting has to change with it. I’ll provide scientific evidence proving that change later.

What that means to acting is that, well, let me set it up with a very short story:

Nail’in Whelan

My backup, as an actor was that I did construction. I was building sets in Hollywood . I was good at it; they called me “Nail’'n Whelan.” I hadn’t done it in a while, but I needed some money and a friend of mine was Artistic Director on this upcoming blockbuster music video, and he gets me on. First day I show up ready for work, got my tool belt and I’m ready to go.

There must be thirty-five carpenters on this job, thing is, I noticed that all these guys had nail guns, I had on occasion, used a nail gun, but not enough to be really comfortable with one. My hammer was hanging from my tool belt, and that is what I used. My friend had enough juice that when I asked him if that would be ok, he said yes. Within a very short time, just looking around, I can see that these guys are all working, three maybe four times faster than me, I realize that regardless of who I knew, that wasn’t going to hack it for too long, and did I mention that, I really needed the money. So I went over to my friend and said,

“Show me how to use one of these things.”

It's like that in every business; new better tools show up, you use them, that of course applies to acting, too.

Mosaic Acting

Mosaic Acting (MA) is a breakthrough, a complete departure from a tradition in acting that is well over a hundred years old. It ushers in a whole new era in acting, one which finds the primary direction of acting going from the old school's linear, psycho-intellectual based acting to Mosaic Acting's Empathy-Emotions based approach, a healthier and more creative style of acting. It is the only acting system in the world that takes advantage of the fantastic advances made in general education primarily through the application of a Learning Styles paradigm. (Learning Styles link in sidebar) The Whelan Recording Technique, a major tool of MAS, is a perfect Whole Brain teaching/learning technique.

Mosaic Acting also reflects the brilliant research being done in the area of brain science and that disciplines investigations into human emotions as well as the phenomena of hyper-reading is affecting the extraordinary move away from a linear to a non-liner one. While many in the acting community have been restless to move on, until the development of Mosaic Acting's techniques, the tools were not available .


While emotions are the very core of the actor’s art, there has never been a program that provided the tools for actors to study them in an objective, sustained and systematic fashion. Billions of dollars are being invested by academia and the private sector ( emotions studies link in sidebar) into the study of emotions, and though emotions are the bread and butter of the actor’s art, we have never studied them. Mosaic Acting, through another major tool, Emotionology, provides that and much more.


Your emotions are the fingerprints of your soul