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        Company Profile

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        Shenzhen Vin Plastic&Metal Products Co.,ltd, founded in 2008 with about 200 employees, and most of them are senior managerial and technical personnel. And Vin Industrial Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2013 with our business expanding.

        We specialize in manufacturing plastic molds, die casting toolings and processing service of molding injection, die-casting, metal stamping etc. Currently we can provide from product design, prototype production to mass production. Meanwhile we always adhere to principle of mutual benefit and create value for customer with our reliable quality, competitive price and perfect service.

        Business Scope:

        1) Plastic Moulds and injection.

        2) Die-Casting Toolings and parts including Aluminum and Zinc Die-Casting.

        3) Metal products mass production

        Service Scope:

        1) Full toolings design

        2) Metal stamping parts and die-casting products export

        3) In-house tooling maintenance & repair

        Our company is ISO9001:2000 registered and ROHS compliant. Daily operation is strictly carried out based on its standards for each order. Work process is strictly monitored and controlled to guarantee quality. Our strenghth in design and production will facilitate your business grow through our friendly cooperation.

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